Chris Moore’s Personal Favorites:  Dining in San Juan Capistrano

Chris Moore’s Personal Favorites: Dining in San Juan Capistrano

Introducing Bloom, the newest addition to Russell Bendels' impressive portfolio of restaurants in San Juan Capistrano. Under the creative direction of head chef Jarred Cook, Bloom offers a fresh take on southern-inspired cuisine, featuring decadent sauces and inventive twists on classic comfort dishes.

With seating for 87 guests in its spacious 2,400-square foot setting, including 22 seats at the bar, Bloom boasts a team of 40 dedicated employees. Steiner Studios, based in Irvine, has beautifully enhanced the historic space with new design elements while preserving its original architectural charm.
Indulge in the 45-day aged bone-in Ribeye Steak, a must-try for meat lovers, and be sure to explore the diverse selection of craft cocktails. From the Vodka Lover to the Ortega, there's something to please every palate at Bloom. Join us for an unforgettable dining experience in San Juan Capistrano!

Since its establishment in 1995, Ciao Pasta has been delighting the taste buds of San Juan Capistrano with the vibrant flavors of Southern Italy’s Puglia Region. Puglia, renowned for its sun-drenched landscapes and rich culinary heritage, stands as Italy’s foremost producer of olive oil and boasts a bounty of seafood and fresh vegetables. At Ciao Pasta, these authentic flavors are infused into each and every dish.
Under guidance of Executive Chef Pasquale, the kitchen serves up a fusion of traditional Puglian recipes and innovative culinary creations.
Whether you are craving a classic favorite or eager to explore something new, Ciao Pasta offers a dining experience that caters to all tastes and preferences. 

Heritage BBQ
Heritage BBQ brings the flavors of Texas BBQ to San Juan Capistrano. Located on the corner of Camino Capistrano in downtown San Juan Capistrano, this outside and open seating restaurant provides quality BBQ meat. Sausages, brisque, Brisket Taco, Pork spareribs, pulled pork are just a few of the items on the menu that will make your mouth water. For bbq lovers that are less fond of the meat, they are side dishes that will still give you the taste of texas BBQ but without the meat. The Mac and Cheese and mashed potatoes are a personal favorite.
Fun fact about Heritage BBQ is that they will close whenever they sell out their products for that day. If you are looking for a flavorful and quality meal, don't forget to give heritage BBQ A visit. 

Trevors on the Tracks
Discover a dining experience like no other at Trevors on the Tracks, nestled in the picturesque downtown of San Juan Capistrano, Orange County. This restaurant not only offers exceptional food and service but also boasts an impressive history. Housed in a building dating back to 1894, Trevors on the Tracks is a prime example of Mission Revival Style architecture and is renowned as one of Amtrak's most unique depots in Southern California.
As you dine at Trevors on the Tracks, you'll be surrounded by charming architecture that adds character to the restaurant. The kitchen serves up a delectable fusion of American, Japanese, and Mexican-inspired dishes, including favorites like the ahi poke nachos, the tres taco trio, and Savannah Chicken Tenders.
Whether you choose to dine indoors overlooking the train stations or enjoy the ambiance of outdoor seating, you'll feel like you're dining right on the tracks.

Indulge in the perfect blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication at Tannins. This cozy cafe offers a diverse menu featuring Northern, Mediterranean, and Southern Italian cuisine, along with irresistible desserts and daily specials crafted with fresh ingredients. With a passion for wine and food pairings, Tannins aims to elevate your dining experience by offering both educational insights and memorable flavors. With over 40 different wines to choose from, including an extensive selection of Italian varietals, you're sure to find the perfect pairing for your meal.

Whether you're joining us for lunch or dinner, Tannins caters to both meat lovers and vegetarians alike, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy. Step inside the restaurant and immerse yourself in the Italian ambiance, surrounded by rows of wine racks and picturesque images of vineyards. For an authentic taste of Italy in San Juan Capistrano, be sure to visit Tannins. Buon appetito!

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